A.I.R. Fuel Cell

A.I.R. joe_cell1 schematic.

One A.I.R. ” Fuel Cell” design.

Based on the “Joe Cell” invention, these charged water electrolytic capacitor AIR water fuel cells, when tuned correctly, can expect between 10% to 70% saving in fuel use in diesel and petrol engines.  (Results vary from engine to engine with some showing responses better than others.) http://youtu.be/jIBJlxnF6I4

Our ” A.I.R. Fuel Cell” can be fitted to all types of applications including motor vessel’s, marine engines, boats and ferry’s, trains, cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors and machinery, stationary generators and water pumps chainsaws ,mowers etc.  It has also been demonstrated that a correctly tuned cell will reduce exhaust emissions significantly.   http://youtu.be/GH4VMEGbh_c

A.I.R. "Joe Cell"

Domestic vehicle AIR fuel cell.

A.I.R. "Joe Cell" 2

Commercial vehicle AIR water fuel cell. Full stainless steel construction.


A.I.R. "Joe Cell" mounted on the outside of a vehicle.

AIR  fuel cell external installation on a light commercial vehicle



A.I.R Fuel Cell

A.I.R Fuel Cell Fitted to a Mitsubishi Pajero 2004 diesel using 7liters/100 kilometers

Testing A.I.R Fuel Cell

Testing A.I.R Fuel Cell on a Diesel AEG 5000 Generator



3 Responses to A.I.R. Fuel Cell

  1. Tom Krume says:

    Listened to you on Sean David Morton’s show. Is this different from the Joe Cell on the site http://www.joecellenergy.com That is an $850 that runs on a AA battery and water – no gas? I guess I am slightly confused but very interested in purchasing one if it can at a minimum double my gas mileage. It also may work with a diesel tractor I believe you said. How much does it cost and is it the same as the joecellenergy.com. Is there more detail to read about it. Can you purchase just one – does it still work in below 32F cold temperatures environments. Will you be on more radio shows soon?
    Sorry for going on and on – many questions….
    Thank You Tom

  2. martin says:

    in one of joes videos he said dont weld the cones on the top (“welding turns it from stainless to stain” !!), so how are they attatched to the outer tube ?

    • webmaster says:

      Hi the Cone was tig welded which is a fusion weld of both the cone and side walls of the tube , Mig leaves a ridge of surplus material the magnetic flux that forms in the crystal structure from the high arc heating even a inert Gas is not enough to stop the oxidation but you can help by arcing along the seam welds 9VDC and a light hammering breaks the bonds as well

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