A.I.R. Rainmaker

Rainmaker History

Toyer rainmaker

1985 Peter displaying rainmaker

At an inventors meeting  in Casino NSW in 1985, I met Jack Toyer with his Toyer Rainmaking Machine. Previously I  had worked for the Bureau of Meteorology in Northern Territory as a weather observer.   My background is in Agricultural Science and Engineering specializing in taking moisture out of agricultural products. I asked Jack a series of questions all with the view of discovering how the Toyer Rainmaker Machine worked and the types of energy needed to bring  rain out of the atmosphere. I knew the value of such a machine to the agricultural sector in Australia would be worth billions.

Jack’s Journey

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At that meeting Jack stated that whilst he was a sea captain in the 1960’s static from the build up of coastal storms often interfered with his afternoon short wave radio transmissions.  He believed if he could copy these conditions of static and heat he could also make it rain.  Jack  decided to build a machine that would cause this same static and heat.  He experimented with a series of magnetic coils in his shed however his Palmer’s Island neighbours complained of the noisy squawking and interference to their TV reception.  This lead Jack on a thirty year endeavor to make an effective rainmaking machine

Peters Involvement

When I met Jack I suggested a few modifications. I reverse engineered what I was doing (taking moisture out of products) to create a very effective rainmaker. Jack was successful and with my modifications we now had a atmospheric ionization rainmaker. I also quietened Jacks noisy squawking magnetic coils. We now had a machine which would prove to be 100% effective in causing rain.  Jack and I became great friends until his death in 1993. As I was the only one to believe in old Jack the family passed the rainmaker to me on his death.

Rainmaker Exposure

The rainmaker went on display at World Expo’88 in Brisbane. It has featured on TV and radio news since the 1980’s and has been the subject of many articles,The Jack Toyer Rainmaking machine (as it was then called) was shown working Between Dubbo and Orange, NSW on the “This Day Tonight”                                                        with George Negus  and Mike Willesse  http://youtu.be/mzMusjFCFLo.

Although somewhat skeptical  Jack had the last laugh with rain falling all around Dubbo and Orange over a thousand Square Kilometers.

Rainmaker Effectiveness

In 1987 Jack was in Longreach running the machine for three days. He drove back through flood water! He also ran the machine in the Crows Nest area making rain within several hours. In1992 the Gold Coast  had been in severe drought. Jack offered to make it rain which it did after twenty four hours of setting up his machine. Jack proved many times how effective the rainmaker now was.


Rainmaker 2014

. The defining moment was in 1994 when the Moree Cotton Growers Association told me they didn’t want rain even though the country was in drought.Because of lack of credibility I had had enough and returned the rainmaker to the Toyer family

What followed was 12 years of drought. Then In 2006 I rebuilt the rainmaker at the request of a former Commonwealth Magistrate Wayne E Cross from the Gold Coast His words were “you are the remainder man” and funded the rebuilding of the rainmaker. Wayne visited me in Casino, NSW was amazed at how green Casino district was. Now a believer Wayne saying my street was the greenest in Australia                    .http://youtu.be/OhS4h3ymjPg?list=UUMX3E3zKcqp3P8CICb2NgzQ

I then researched and fine tuned the Rainmaker forming the “Atmospheric Ionization Research incorporated association ” It has proved to be100 percent in making it rain over large areas.





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