Products – Water Purification and Conditioning

A.I.R. magnetic water charging cells.

The magnetic A.I.R. Cell can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Utilizing advanced magnetic technology, the in-line flow cells purify and condition water without the need of filtration through reflected wave field harmonics which charge and structure the water. Suitable for bores and header tanks, the in-line cell purifies flowing water immediately and requires no energy input.

A.I.R. Agricultural water cell.

A.I.R. stainless steel water cell. Full stainless construction for maintenance free operation on site at bores and dams.


A.I.R. domestic water purification / charging cell.

Domestic A.I.R. water cell.


For larger bodies of contaminated water, the Industrial Water Energizer Cell (not pictured) uses a low voltage current to initiate water purification and conditioning over a wide area by charging and structuring the water in a manner that repels both organic and inorganic contamination, inducing flocculation and imparting a memory that prevents re-suspension or dissolution.  Suitable for sewerage plants, desalination, industrial waste water and processed water treatment.

Joe Water Cell Samples

Stages of purifying contaminated industrial water with the electric cell. Original sample on left, beginning of flocculation in middle, final stage on right.

Joe's Water Cell - Flocculation

Electric water cell flocculate formation of organic and mineral contamination.

Joe's Water Cell - Flocculation 050

Final stage of contaminant flocculation which forms a ball that cannot be re-suspended by agitation.

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