Dr Walter Russell

The Science of Dr Walter Russell

Walter Russell , 1871-1963 developed a new concept of natural law and the Universe that explained the true nature of light, gravity, magnetism, radiation, astrophysics and molecular physics.   An associate of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, Russell was conferred with a Doctorate from the American Academy of Science in 1941.

Russellian science can explain the physics of atmospheric ionization, magnetic water purification, and the water based fuel cell commonly called the Joe Cell.

A.I.R. is currently seeking expressions of interest from benefactors, educators and inventors who would like to assist in the establishment of a Walter Russell University or Learning and Research Institute in the Byron Bay region of Australia.

Most of Russell’s books may be downloaded free from the Internet at:  feandft.com
Some have been republished and can be purchased from:  philosophy.org and dowsers.com/page3.html

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