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Magnetic A.I.R. Water Cell demonstration

SONY DSC A.I.R. Water Cell by Peter Stevens, Australia

Peter Stevens demonstrates the effects on water flowing through a specific series of magnetic fields. If you look at what is happening here you can see that water coming out of the cell immediately wants to go into droplets. In essence, water is becoming more water as water wants to become a sphere. Observations show that stressed water will come out … Continue reading

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Magnetics demonstration

Walter Russell - WRussellDozent80jaehrig

Peter Stevens demonstrates some of the field effects generated by working with magnets and a wire curved into an infinity loop configuration. Validation for Walter Russell’s theory on magnetics as shown in his book “The Universal One”. This video is from Peter Stevens who has been working with electrolytic capacitors (including what are commonly called “Joe Cells” or “Joes Cells”), magnetics … Continue reading

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