A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring

The A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring

Early testing of the “A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring” has shown better performance and economy in both petrol and diesel vehicles using this magnetic configuration mounted over the existing fuel line.

How does it work

The AIR Magnetic Fuel Ring works by inducing a magnetic flux in the fuel that is in the fuel hose as it flows to the engine in either petrol or diesel engines. This magnetic flux atomizers the fuel in a vortex to produce smaller droplets allowing the fuel to burn more efficiently. In a petrol motor expect to get 10% to 15% better fuel economy. In a diesel motor this increases to 15% to 20 % better fuel economy. See the case studies below.

photo 1(6)Fitting the A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring

For the mechanic it is a simple procedure to fit the “A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring” over the existing inlet fuel hose. The fuel hose in the motor needs to be unclamped and  the “A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring” inserted over the hose and then reclamped back where it originally came from.

Note: It is wise to check the fuel hose for cracks while fitting. In older vehicles it may be a good time to replace the fuel hose with a new section of hose.


Peter Stevens, Gold Coast, 2014 Test on a Mitsubishi Magna 1996 model gave 15% better fuel economy
Adrian Simshauser, Tamworth, 2013 Test on a Toyota Hilux 2004 model diesel gave 20% better fuel economy
Brisbane, 2015 Test on a Subaru Forrester 2006 model petrol motor gave 12% better fuel economy

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