“Man believes machine caused rain” – Northern Star article, 5Mar2010

Peter Stevens of Casino, NSW, Australia made it rain.Mel Mcmillan | 5th March 2010 article from the Lismore, NSW, Australia local newspaper, The Northern Star.
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IF you have had enough of the rain then you had better have a word with Peter Stevens, of Casino.

Mr Stevens claims his rain machine, invented by Jack Toyer in the 1970s, is responsible for the current downpour.

“The effect will last until March 16,” Mr Stevens said.

The machine, which Mr Stevens claims works by charging light rays, was switched on in Tamworth on January 16 for three days. It was then taken to Inverell, Coonamble, Manilla and Armidale, and was switched off on February 16. The result was, according to Mr Stevens, the current rain being experienced across Northern NSW.

The machine can create lows and highs, in other words it can make rain and it can stop it, MrStevens said.

The machine was rebuilt by Mr Stevens in 2006, during the drought, from Mr Toyer’s plans.

It has since been used in locations around the world including Death Valley, Nevada, where it is claimed to have produced about 2cm of rain, and Baghdad, Iraq, where Mr Stevens said the machine made it snow for the first time in 100 years, on January 11, 2008.

Mr Stevens said the machine was 100 per cent effective and farmers who used it only had to pay his fee if it rained.

Condobolin farmer Iain Tyack reckons his neighbours would think he had ‘lost the plot’ if they knew he had used the machine twice on his 3000ha wheat farm. Both times it resulted in rain.

“I keep it pretty quiet,” he said.

Mr Tyack said the first time Mr Stevens switched on the machine at his property, in September last year, it made his hair stand on end.

“It was scary. He was making clouds appear right in front of me,” Mr Tyack said.

“Then he would turn the machine in reverse and make them disappear.”

And while it did rain, it was not enough to save his crop.

The rain machine was used again on his property in January this year. It’s still raining.

“We have had 16 inches,” Mr Tyack said.

Mr Toyer used the principles of Dr Walter Russell, who devised a theory of psychics and cosmology revealed in his book The Secret of Light.

Mr Stevens said he would never say he had made it rain, for fear of being sued for adverse rain-associated events, instead he said he was a weather predictor.

The Bureau of Meteorology declined to comment on Mr Stevens’ claims.


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