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Peter StevensPeter Stevens – My Journey

My journey as an inventor began at age 13 when I was reunited with my father, John Stevens on the 16 October 1964.

My Dad – John Stevens

John as a Test Pilot  invented a Fuel saving system for Australian aircraft during WW2 thus increasing available flying hours. He was the inventor of many patented agricultural machines including a stump jump blade plough with air-grain seeder,  rock picker with roll over tumbling action, broad base contour bankers,  earth and silt scoops for dam building then cleaning, air-grain handling system, scrub rakes, land planes, ditches, delvers, rippers, river pumps and grain dryers to mention but a few,

During my teen years I thrived on this inventing atmosphere and contributed to the design and innovative modifications of my fathers inventions.

Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft

In 1968 when I was 17 we built and tested a “Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft”.  It really was amazing! We chained it to steel beams in case it really flew! Ha ha! We had plenty of lift although little consideration for pitch and toss.

Hovercraft and Airboat

I followed the VTOL with a modified airboat and a hovercraft

When I left school I gained life experience hitch-hiking around Australia then working many varied and exciting jobs including:

  • In 1969  l farmed on Lyndhurst Station Far-North Queensland,
  • Toured Papua New Guinea with London Theatrical Promotions “There’s a Girl in my Soup”
  • Returned to West Australia to muster at  Yerilla Station and Roy Hill Station.
  • .Welder construction on Bathurst Island living aboard and repairing Boats in Darwin Harbour,
  • 1974 Then “Tracey” in Darwin  evacuated to Hobart Tasmania where the bridge fell down
  • 1975. Administration Officer at Department of Aboriginal Affairs  Hooker Creek, Northern Territory Aboriginal Reserve
  • 1976 Innovated a Polystyrene Ceiling Tile which gave me enough money to retire in1977.
  • When my dad fell ill, I was called back to join the family business “Stevens Rural Engineering”  in Moree New South Wales. More inventions followed
  • I severely injured my knee in a rotary rock picker, ironically one of my inventions, so ending my involvement in “Stevens Rural Engineering”
  • in 1982 I attended University studying agricultural engineering in Toowoomba Queensland
  • In 1984 I invented a range of ergonomic posture chairs “Ing Chairs” which I successfully marketed for many years
  • 1984-85 I was appointed Chairperson for the “Appropriate Community Technology” association
  • In 1988 Publicity Officer for the Northern Rivers Inventors Association
  • Mentoring many Local inventors in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales
  • In 1990 member of the Alternative Science and Technology Research Association” ASTRO”
  • In 1991 with Professor Ron Davis and Graham Coe, experimenting with Yule Brown’s Gas and hydrogen fuel cells
  • 1992 designed many “Joe Cell’s” with mechanic Joe Booker
  • 1994 designed inline charged water spray with Martin Gooch
  • In 2006 formed Atmospheric Ionization Research Inc Association,  and rebuilt the Toyer “A.I.R. Rainmaker” with Grant Watson
  • 2008 designed the “A.I.R Fuel Cell”  which electrically charges air and water vapour in any engine manifold making combustion complete. This uses less fuel and has a  cleaner exhaust which is a huge benefit to the environment
  • In 2010 designed the “A.I.R Magnetic Water Cell” for cleaning and statically charging water
  • In 2012 designed the “A.I.R. Magnetic Fuel Ring” enhancing fuel misting and atomization

From then until present times I have spent fascinating times inventing and modifying many exciting projects including :


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